So how versatile is The Drunken Nanny Fresh Lush Goat Cheese?

by | May 18 | 2017

We often tend to treat cheese with such limited imagination. Forgoing the chance to really test it’s versatility beyond the likes of smothering our pasta, topping off a pizza, or those times we are feeling a little bit fancy and might choose to indulge in some ‘nibbles and drinkies’ with the neighbours…

However, our Fresh Lush Curd is here to be the hero in your daily dining dilemmas. We have devised a drool-worthy list of options and ideas to spark some inspiration, and change your beliefs about cheese being a  ‘secondary ingredient’ in any recipe. This is one that deserves to be the star for sure.

Let’s start with breakfast. Yes! Cheese for breakfast! There’s no better way to deliciously amp up your protein intake and start the day without having to bow to the sugar slumps or energy crashes typical breakfast cereals can bring.

Try Fresh Lush:

  • On your Vogels – with avocado, tomato, cracked pepper and rock salt
  • In a frittata breakfast muffin
  • On or in your morning omelette

Snack time, how about some Fresh Lush:

  • On your crackers with beetroot relish
  • On a blini with salmon
  • In baked stuffed stone fruit
  • On your hot cross bun with strawberry jam
  • As a cheese ball (great for kids lunch boxes)

What about  incorporating some Fresh Lush in main savoury meals, such as:

  • In your quiche
  • In your frittata
  • In your chicken breast stuffing
  • On top of risotto
  • Tossed in your summer salad
  • Inside stuffed potatoes or kumara
  • With fresh veges, or chunks left to melt on top of roasted ones!
  • In potato salad
  • As spinach stuffing in your roast lamb roll
  • In tortellini
  • As a Christmas log decorated with cranberries and pistachio nuts
  • On a fancy pizza – with salmon, basil and capers

Who said cheese can’t be sweet? Try Fresh Lush:

  • Rolled into chocolate truffles or bliss balls
  • In or on top of your chocolate brownie
  • In lemon Curd tarts
  • Cheesecake – of course!
  • A goats cheese soufflé
  • Added to berry or nut muffins – for a little bit of smooth amongst all that spongy-ness.
  • As cheese fondue (great for small gatherings and fun for kids parties)
  • Homemade gelato
  • Added to your favourite fudge recipe

We would love to hear how your new cheese experiments go, and if you’ve come up with any more brilliant recipe ideas.

Tag a photo of your mouth watering masterpiece with the hashtag #mycheesykitchen for us to find it and try it too!


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