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Cheese notes

All our cheeses are made soon after milking, as our milking stand backs directly onto our cheese room. The goats are not herded to milk but willingly follow Lindsey to the milking shed and jump up on the stand when it’s their turn! This contentment, proximity and freshness all contribute to the clean, sweet and mild flavours of our fresh cheeses.

Much as with fine wines, our cheeses are subject to seasonal variations due to the differing plants and herbs the goats are grazing and the resulting changes in milk. We aim for consistency in our cheeses but like to think of seasonal variations as part of the joy of our artisan product, made with love from our select herd of goats.

Fresh Lush

150g pottle – Shelf life 14 days

A smooth, fresh chèvre-style goats’ cheese, with an appealing hint of acidity and a mild citrus tang. Only the freshest milk is used to make our Lush Fresh, which allows the sweet creamy flavours to shine through.

Ideal for use in cooking, Lush works well in either sweet or savoury dishes. Pairs particularly well with any salmon dish where the high citrus notes of the cheese cut through the rich salmon flavour. Also goes beautifully with fresh fruit such as pears, strawberries and figs.

NZ Cheese Awards 2017 Silver

Farro Fresh Deliciousness Award finalist

Lemony Lush

150 Gram Pottle – Shelf Life 21 Days

Lemony Lush uses our Fresh Lush as a base and we then add a lovely lemon Olive Oil drizzle. The Lemon Olive oil is from an award winning Martinborough olive oil producer called Olivo Olive Oil. We have added a smidgen of thyme to give it another flavour layer. Lemony Lush is perfect with a fresh loaf of crusty bread or your favourite packet of seed crackers.

Dill Lush

150 Gram Pottle – Shelf Life 21 Days

We have added a delicate sprinkling of Dill to our fresh Lush. This is a mild, soft creamy cheese with slight citrus notes. With the addition of Dill it makes it a perfect partner with Salmon, potato salad and fresh asparagus.

NZ Cheese Awards 2017 Bronze

Outstanding Producer Awards 2017 finalist



Semi-soft, camembert style, washed in Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc, this traditional washed-rind style has a pungent smell and intense flavour all of its own. Aromas of fresh hay and a delicate minerality abound, developing more earthy notes with age.
With a peachy/orange rind from the natural flora present in the traditional cheese-making process. Bronze medal winner. Serve with Champagne and strawberries for the most harmonious result.

NZ Cheese awards 2016 Bronze

NZ cheese awards 2017 Silver

Black Tie

Wrapped 250 grams – shelf life 4 weeks

A stunning pyramid shaped fresh goat cheese, coated in a hand sprinkling of black ash. The ash is from burnt grape vines – imported from France.

This cheese looks fabulous on a platter. It has been awarded a silver medal in both the 2016 and 2017 NZ cheese awards and was a finalist in the 2017 NZ Outstanding producer awards.

NZ Cheese awards 2016 Silver

NZ Cheese awards 2017 Silver

Outstanding producer awards 2017 finalist

Frisky Feta

100g vacuum-packed – Shelf life 12 weeks (unopened)

A firm, brined feta, a silver medal-winner at the 2016 NZ cheese awards. Brined for one week, then vacuum packed. Mouthwatering nutty, wholegrain flavours abound in this distinctive cheese. The mild saltiness of the feta balances its gentle acidity, giving a full mouthfeel and superb finish.

Frisky Feta can be used in cooked dishes, for example in spinach-style pies and pastries, or is ideal in a salad.

NZ Cheese awards 2016 Silver

Cheeky Camembert

130g wrapped wedge – Shelf life 8 weeks

Our silver-award-winning Cheeky Camembert is distinctly sweet and nutty, with a natural white mould rind. Initially firm, as it matures the residual acidity in the cheese becomes more mellow and the texture and flavour take on a creamier consistency. Earthy umami notes abound. A show-stopping addition to an end-of-meal cheeseboard, serve by itself with crusty fresh bread or with a tart sweet fruit paste.

Best served at room temperature.

NZ Cheese awards 2016 Silver


1 litre Bottle – Shelf Life 28 Days

Our Kefir cultured milk is a pourable yoghurt with good probiotics to help create healthy gut health. A great alternative to cow milk. You can use it in smoothies, poured over cereals, in a creamy salad dressing, homemade iceblocks for the kids or drink it straight from the bottle.

All our cheeses should be kept refrigerated below 5°C and consumed within four days of opening.