Our Story

On our family farm just 16km south of Martinborough we’ve hand-selected, bred and raised the gorgeous herd of dairy goats whose milk goes into making The Drunken Nanny’s cheeses. Our goats have a pretty idyllic life, with plenty of space to graze and lots of different pasture and herbs, which contribute to the fresh, delicate flavours of our cheeses.

We started our goats’ cheese adventure with a small herd of 25 milking does, but will be expanding our production for the 2017/18 season to 175 does. All our milking is done on site, and the cheese is made daily in our purpose-built cheese room alongside the milking stand.

The goats won’t be getting lonely either, with plenty of company in the paddocks, from Rosie Chocolates the gregarious Kunekune pig, her three bonny piglets, Saffy the spaniel, a flock of tame white ducks and a couple of cats to boot, not forgetting Lindsey and I, and our three goatherds-in-training…


Amanda and Lindsey Goodman
The Drunken Nanny