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Welcome to The Drunken Nanny’s blog. Read on to get the inside word on all things farm-y, goat-y and cheese-y…

Goat Maternity Leave

For us humans, there may be just a handful of times in a woman’s life when she will forgo the busyness and constancy of daily life to prep, prepare and restore her beautiful, life-giving body for an even bigger job.

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The Official Launch

Can you believe it? After countless hours fighting a war against paper and bureaucracy, we have finally been given the green light to produce and sell our cheeses!!!!

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The Circle of Goats

It’s funny the things you can dredge up when you’re having a good spring clean. Some things raise a lot of questions (am I ever going to make enough chutney and jam to fill all those empty jars?)…

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The perfect animal

If you’ve ever held a newborn kid (of the goat variety) you will understand what utterly sweet and compelling creatures they are. My first goat was Chelsea…

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What’s in a name?

Confession time… Every goat in my herd is named. My first two were Chelsea and Apples, and since then every goat has been named including every kid born to them.

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